About Our Teachers


Homelingua teachers are at the heart of the Homelingua business. It is our teachers that make our English language homestays so special and such a great way to learn English.

Becoming a Homelingua teacher can be a very rewarding experience as you get to watch your students grow in skill, confidence and understanding during their time with you.

We spoke to our teacher Margaret in Hastings (pictured top left) about why she loves being a Homelingua teacher:

“With home tuition the lessons carry on after the official lesson has ended. I expose my students to other British people by introducing them to my friends around Hastings. Experiences like this inspire confidence. I introduced one of my students to a TV presenter friend of mine and they told me that the experience had been ‘life transforming’

I love teaching. The best part about the home tuition experience is the transformation of the student. The person that you meet on the first day is completely different from the person who goes home. We become friends.

I know when someone is really comfortable in my house when they will go to the fridge and help themselves.”

Managing Director of Homelingua, Kelvin Fowler, describes in this video why our teachers are so important to the success of the organisation.

If you have been inspired to become a Homelingua teacher, please fill in the application form.

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