Bath night Japanese style

Having a bath can be a very different experience in Japan. Read on to find out …. it might save your ceiling!

Having a bath in Japan is about relaxing, not washing. I’ll explain the washing arrangements in an ageing house I rented in Japan some years ago.

First you fill the bath with cold water and heat it. When it’s hot you scoop out some water and pour it over yourself. Now you soap yourself down thoroughly and then rinse the soap off by scooping out even more water from the bath. You’ll notice that all this is done outside the bath! After you are clean, you hop in the bath and relax. In a family, the next person would do the same, using the same water.

Now, when a Japanese person who is used to this traditional way of washing comes to Britain, they may well be tempted to soap down before getting in the bath, using the bathroom like a wet room.

In Japan, bathrooms are traditionally on the ground floor and have concrete/fully tiled floors and drains for water. In a British house, you can imagine what might happen if lots of water drips through the ceiling!

Why not discuss British bath arrangements on the student’s first night.

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