Chinese university students


I came across an interesting article…

Thinking about some of the cultural/linguistic obstacles that Chinese students face at an English-speaking school/university, I stumbled came across the following list from Monash University in Australia (

Chinese students lack skills in knowing how to

  • enter a discussion
  • add to the last speaker’s turn
  • express disagreement without offence
  • pose a question politely
  • hold the floor against an interruption
  • refuse a turn to speak gracefully
  • deflect a question
  • respond to a challenge
  • use humour
  • respond to humour
  • express non-comprehension without looking foolish
  • seek clarification without losing face

It just reminded me how much we take for granted when we interact and how much a student from a very difficult culture would have to learn. Do you have any experience of teaching Chinese students (any age) that you can share?

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