Courses and resources – Bucksmore Homelingua webinar 2

Courses and Resources – Bucksmore Homelingua webinar #2

Yesterday evening the second Bucksmore Homelingua webinar took place online. Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest and congratulations to those who made it through the myriad of practical and technological issues… getting home in time, computer working, webcam working, microphone working, raising and lowering your virtual hand. No doubt like many of you, I enjoy immensely the possibilities that modern t echnology affords, nevertheless I am frequently reminded that it’s easy not to feel so grateful when it doesn’t work!

It was quite a lively hour with tutors from around the country sharing their favourite
resources and materials relating to different areas of home tuition.

On to the webinar… There were two aims:

  1. Education – to learn about the courses Bucksmore Homelingua are selling in 2015
  2. Information – to share favourite resources, materials and websites relating to the following areas of home tuition:
    1. General English for Adults
    2. Exams
    3. General English for Younger Learners

A few weeks ago the 2015 brochure went out to teachers in the UK and to agents around the world. Bucksmore Education‘s sales agents have received training about the range of Homelingua courses and will be promoting those vigorously, adding breadth to the already well-established summer junior programmes.

 Adult courses in 2015

  • General English
  • General English + Culture
  • Christmas & New Year
  • Exam Preparation
  • Business English
  • Professional English
  • Academic English
  • English For Teachers

Details for all these courses can be found on the website:

Young Learner courses in 2015

  • Year-round General English
  • Exam Preparation
  • Summer Duo
  • Bucksmore Summer Focus
  • Academic English
  • English For Schools

Details for all these courses can be found on the websites: (General English, Exam Preparation, Academic English and English for Schools)
and (Summer Duo and Bucksmore Summer Focus)

Resources for courses

It was great to see that teachers had horsesquite a range of resources to call upon – grammar exercises, language reference, teaching and learning theory, course books, pronunciation, vocabulary. Most teachers also had a growing body of home-made materials they could draw on as well as several trusty websites, most notably the British Council site, BBC Bitesize and Learning English, the tried and tested and a collection of resources for younger learners called

There was rather a bias among those present to favour adult students over young learners. We may do a webinar one day specifically aimed at ideas for teaching younger learners.

Some adult-learner resources mentioned yesterday:

  • Cutting Edge
  • Headway
  • English File
  • Life – Nat. Geo.
  • Murphy’s English Grammar in Use
  • MyGrammarLab
  • Ship or Sheep, Tree or Three
  • Pronunciation in Use
  • Learner English
  • Vocabulary in Use
  • Build Your Vocabulary
  • TED talks
  • Practical English Usage – Michael Swan
  • Teaching English Grammar – Jim Scrivener
  • English-4u
  • 700 Classroom activities
  • British Council’s Brit Lit
  • Lingua House
  • Teachit

Good exexam mugam resources include:

  • IELTS Express – Nat. Geo.
  • Objective & Compact (IELTS, FCE, CAE) – CUP
  • Common Mistakes At… (IELTS, FCE and CAE) – CUP
  • Grammar For… (IELTS, FCE and CAE) – CUP
  • Gold (FCE and CAE) – Pearson
  • FCE Maximiser – Pearson
  • books of practice tests

Young learners span a wide range of abilities and capacities. Try investigating some of the following:

What’s coming in webinar #3?

We don’t know yet! 🙂 Do you have an area of interest of expertise? Would you like to lead part of a webinar and share your knowledge with other home tutors? Let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

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