Essential books and ones to consider

Every teacher’s TEFL/ELT library will be a little different but having a range of resources will help give you the insight and flexibility to put together successful courses.


Essential and Additional Books (alternatives are, of course, fine)

Most should be available via Amazon (which is usually cheapest) but The Cambridge International Book Centre website is good for browsing Please note that most of the listed books were written for group teaching in mind, so you will need to select and adapt as necessary to suit 1-1 teaching. In addition course books should not be used slavishly but rather dipped into when appropriate. Where possible students should have copies/scans of the material you use.  

ESSENTIAL TYPES OF RESOURCE – the resources listed are examples of what you should aim to have in your library. Alternatives are, of course, fine.   

Teaching skills
How to Teach English, Jeremy Harmer, (Longman) or
Learning Teaching: 3rd Edition, Jim Scrivener (Macmillan)
One to One: A Teacher’s Handbook, Peter Wilberg, (Language Teaching Publications) or
Teaching English One to One, Priscilla Osborne, (Keyways Publishing)

Teacher reference
Practical English Usage, Michael Swan (Oxford)

Teaching grammar
Teaching English Grammar: What to Teach and How to Teach it, Jim Scrivener (Macmillan). Useful book if you have just completed your CELTA/Trinity Cert

Grammar exercises
English Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy (Cambridge) – Intermediate
Essential Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy (Cambridge) – Elementary

Pronunciation exercises
Ship or Sheep, Anne Baker (Cambridge). Look at the exercises on Google Books

A selection of course books (see below). Useful for syllabus content and activity ideas


How to teach vocabulary, Scott Thornbury (Pearson Longman)

Conversation Activities
700 Classroom Activities, David Seymour etc (Macmillan). Multi-level
Instant Lessons, Richard MacAndrew (Heinle). Ideally B2 and above. 2003 publication but ageing well

Vocabulary exercises
Build Your Vocabulary, John Flower and Michael Berman (Language Teaching Publications). Various levels

Grammar exercises
Grammar 1 Games and Activities, Peter Watcyn-Jones and Deirdre Howard-Williams (Penguin)

Course Books (adults, general English). Dip into only!
New English File (various levels), Clive Oxenden etc (Oxford)
New Cutting Edge (various levels), Sarah Cunningham (Pearson Longman)

Graded (Simplified) Readers
English Bookworms series (Oxford)
Penguin Readers (Pearson)
Cambridge Readers (Cambridge)

Learner Dictionaries (free resources)
Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary (intermediate) with GB pronunciation but no phonetic transcription
Collins English Dictionary (suitable for advanced learners)

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