Every picture tells a story: activity suggestion

Pictures and photographs have always been the language teacher’s best friend.


Images are great for stimulating discussion. You can use magazines, the Internet or even photos on your mobile.

  1. Choose an interesting image.
  2. Take turns with your student to think of a question about the image. Make about 10 in total. The questions could be about the past, present or future, what happened, who did what to whom, people’s hopes and feelings, their history, the rights and wrongs etc etc.
  3. Make sure the questions are well formed
  4. Take turns to ask each other your questions
  5. Correct pronunciation where necessary
  6. Can be followed up as written work (in the student’s own time)
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  1. Paul-H says:

    Also good for a form of charades, where you have questions based on the picture – so you try and build a sequence – can be very funny

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