Food feedback


We usually get great feedback from our students and one of the recurring themes is just how good the food is.

Perhaps British food doesn’t have the best international reputation but when it comes to wholesome, home-prepared meals our students seem more than happy. Well done to all you great cooks (could it be a Jamie Oliver effect?).

One tip is to prepare some homemade soup, lasagne or shepherd’s pie and freeze it before your student arrives.

Another is to make cooking the focus of one of your lessons: discussing different cuisines, favourite recipes, cooking vocabulary, instructions and last but not least, the taste test!

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  1. Magaret-I says:

    It is most important to me that our students are happy in our house and one of the ways to make sure they are is of course good meals. One of the first lessons I do when a student arrives is a shopping based lesson and I encourage them to choose food they like. I also tell them they can help themselves to anything they want in the ‘fridge so that they feel at home. A relaxed and happy student usually learns more!

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