Home teaching essentials video: The White Board

The white board is a home teaching essential. As a teacher or student, you would always expect a classroom to be equipped with a white board. Whist the home teaching environment is different to a school, it’s still essential to create a great learning environment for the student.A white board is a very effective tool to demonstrate what you are teaching. It doesn’t only have to be you doing the writing, it’s a great opportunity to get the student out of their seat and comfort zone.

Angie demonstrates another reason to use a white board in this video. The white board transforms a living space into a classroom environment. The space that you were using for breakfast or another recreational activity will have the feel of a classroom as soon as you pop up the white board.

The ‘home’ part of home teaching is important, but it’s important as a home teacher that you create an effective learning environment, and the white board can help you do this.

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