Home tuition essentials-10 ideas from Mike

We recently surveyed our English Home tuition teachers asking each teacher to give their their top ten suggestions on creating a good home tuition course. These are Mike’s suggestions:

  1. Be flexible – have a draft plan based on the pre-course information, but be prepared to change this from day to day based on what happens in the lessons.
  2. Be human – make yourself a real person to the student, by talking about personal things, views on life, experiences etc.
  3. Use humour – it’s a great teaching tool (if you’re really brave, try and explain English humour!)
  4. Be honest about their weaknesses – that’s what they’ve come to you for. Don’t think that you have to be ‘nice’ and build a rapport above all else – sometimes you have to be a bit tough.
  5. Send them home with an action plan that is workable and suited to their individual circumstances. The course is a springboard to future success.
  6. Show interest in student’s home, family and work life. Compare cultures and relate lessons to them wherever possible.
  7. Identify student’s preferred method of learning – visual, kinetic, book work etc. – and follow this but with plenty of variety.
  8. In the second half of the course, nudge them outside their comfort zone eg. send them to the local town with a series of tasks, to build their confidence.
  9. Try to find something typically English as an excursion that they couldn’t experience as an ordinary tourist eg. going to a small local National Trust house instead of Windsor Castle.
  10. Stress that the main purpose of the course is to have a positive experience, have fun, and learn to enjoy learning English.



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