Homelingua English Club


We have something new coming to Homelingua, the Homelingua English Club. We will be sending out free English lessons once a week to people that have signed up to the club. The lessons are 10 minute listening exercises including a video of one of our teachers accompanied by two worksheets (one intermediate and one advanced).  There is an example below of the sort of video and worksheets that we will be sending out. The video is of Homelingua teacher Toni and her student Pierre.

Download intermediate worksheet
Download advanced worksheet

The reason for starting the Homelingua English Club is to show that Homelingua is a serious academic organisation, to show case the fantastic teachers that we have, to communicate with past students and to find new students to send you.

Please could you ask your students when they are with you to sign up to Homelingua’s English Club on the website:¬†http://www.homelingua.com/about-us/homelingua-english-club


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