Philosophy for English


Over the summer I assisted with some Philosophy4Children classes. Most of the ‘lessons’ involved generating questions and sharing ideas. Quite similar to TEFL/TESOL I thought! After a little Web searching I came across an interesting site called ‘The Philosophy Man.’

There are loads of free resources that could be suitable for the more philosophically inclined. If you think that means not very many, all I can say is how impressed I was watching a group of 10 year olds deal with issues such as morality, reality, definition and aesthetics!

In his website, Jason Buckley ( shows how one can generate a myriad of interesting questions from the seemingly banal.

I can see philosophical inquiry making a really interesting contribution to young learner and adult TEFL/TESOL. After all don’t English teachers often ask: What would you do if ….? or Which is better: to be rich or happy?

Have a look and see what you think. You can sign up for weekly emails if you really want to get into it.

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  1. Joy-S says:

    This looks amazing – thank you. I’m sure it will spill over into many other things. I have just subscribed to his free newsletters.


  3. IanBarker says:

    It does! I’m doing more this year as part of a flexi-school programme I help with.

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