Pinterest: A great source for images

I am not sure if you have used or heard about the social media site called Pinterest? Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising images and ideas and creating virtual scrap books called boards. The amazing thing is that you can see all of the boards that other users have created and ‘repin’ their pictures to your own boards.


The Lowry, Manchester

How you can use Pinterest

You will need to join Pinterest if you want to create your own boards of images. You can make your boards public, so everyone on Pinterest can see them or private, so only you can see them. To give you an example of what a board looks like I have created a board on the Homelingua Pinterest page called, Things our teachers might like.

Using the search bar you can find relevant images and videos on almost anything. Once you have found an image you like, click on it, click ‘Pin it’ and then add it to your board. If you haven’t created a board yet, all you need to do is click create. I have created a board on the Homelingua Pinterest page called Best places to visit on UK homestay. If you get stuck then you can use the Pinterest help page.

You will be able to show the boards that you have created to your students as part of your lesson.

The photos on Pinterest should have been pinned by the person who has the copyright to the image. If you want to reproduce an image from Pinterest e.g. in print or on your own website you will need to ask permission to use the image from the original source. To find the original source of the image you need to click on the image on Pinterest and this will take you to the owner’s website.

I have used the image above of The Lowry, I found this on Pinterest and found that the original source was Gavin Llewellyn. He was happy for me to use the image in exchange for a credit and link to his website, see below.

Happy pinning.

Image source: Flickr, (CC) Gavin Llewellyn.,


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  1. Karen Stanley says:

    Hi Jo, I can’t wait to share your page ‘things teachers might like’ with some of my students!

    There’s some great stuff for sharing, discussing, learning etc

    Thank you!

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