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I recently listened to James Schofield’s Success in Business English webinar provided by Cambridge English Teacher.

It was a really good in-depth webinar about how to work well with training managers within companies, which wouldn’t be necessarily applicable for all of our teachers. But there were some hints and tips for teachers included in the webinar. Here are the top tips that I picked up:

  • Be flexible about your approach and willing to adapt.
  • The best business English teachers are motivated and enthusiastic about business-related topics.
  • Business is about people. It essential that you have an interest in your student’s job.
  • Every single student has a story. Use this to plan your lessons.
  • Skills-based language learning is important for example telephone and meetings skills.
  • Teaching conflict management and mediation is also very important for many businesses.
  • Encourage reading fiction for 15-20 minutes a day, fiction is better than business material because of the narrative style.

The full recording of the webinar is available to listen to if you are registered with Cambridge English Teacher. Keep an eye on what future seminars Cambridge English Teacher have planned on their website.

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