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How English sounds to non-English speakers

Have you ever wondered how English sounds to a non-English speaker? A short (under 4-minute) film called ‘Skwerl’ attempts to demonstrate this phenomenon. As I was watching this, I often had the uncanny feeling that if only I could hear … Read More»

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Homelingua English Club


We have something new coming to Homelingua, the Homelingua English Club. We will be sending out free English lessons once a week to people that have signed up to the club. The lessons are 10 minute listening exercises including a … Read More»

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Academic English for Young Learners

Depending on their age, some young learners may be planning to attend boarding school or college.

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Use vocaroo.com for voice messages and assessment

Vocaroo is a free, simple-to-use website that alows you to record voice messages which you can then send by email. Why not use vocaroo to send your student a message? All you need is a microphone. Of course, you could … Read More»

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Exam preparation: exam info and tips

Find info about popular exams and tips for exam courses. Apart from preparing for exams designed in their own country, students sometimes plan to take internationally recognised exams, either for university entry, career advancement or personal ambition. Most students will be … Read More»

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