What is ‘halal’


We are seeing a slow but steady growth in the number of Muslim learners choosing home tuition so it’s worth considering what halal requirements can mean.

‘Halal’ means ‘permissable’ in relation to objects and actions within Islamic law.

Halal food is now widely available from supermarkets. A brief Google search showed that Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda all have a range of halal food, though presumably many stores will not stock the complete range.

As a brief guide halal food should not include:

  • pork incl. gelatin
  • alcohol
  • blood products
  • animals incorrectly slaughtered

However, there is some variation in the way Islamic rules are interpreted so do discuss the issue with your student – in fact it could turn out to be a very interesting discussion!

If you are cooking halal food, it is a wise precaution to keep the packaging until the meal is over so that you can show (if asked) that it is definitely halal. Thanks Mike and Di for this piece of advice.

Do please leave a comment if you have had interesting experiences relating to halal requirements.

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