Example very early lesson (money)

tutor-english-at-home-web-bannerTeaching a lesson on the subject of money can be very helpful.

It can be very helpful to cover ‘money’ in a very early lesson. It will give you the opportunity to discuss activities and excursions and associated costs.

Level: Elementary to Intermediate (adjust to suit level) Time: 25 to 40 minutes

1. Put a selection of UK currency on the table. Ask your student to identify notes and coins.

2. Discuss how much things cost in UK and in student’s country eg

  • How much is a cup of coffee in Spain?
  • One pound.
  • That’s cheap/good value.
  • How much is a bottle of beer in Britain?

Where necessary introduce:

How much is it/does it cost?, a little expensive/too much, is there anything cheaper?, good value, that’s a lot!, how much??!!

Planning a day out. Write down some interesting activities on pieces of paper eg going to:

  • a Formula 1 race
  • Wimbledon
  • a London theatre
  • a museum.

Ask your student to choose one of the activities. Now tell your student how much everything will cost including transport (vague estimates are fine) eg

You have to take the bus to London. That costs about £20. Then you need to take the Underground to Covent Garden Station. That’s about £5. A ticket to a popular show is quite expensive. It’s about £40 but it depends on the day.

Now repeat with another day trip. Encourage your student to ask lots of questions about prices and costs.

Now swap roles. Your student can talk about trips in their own country. Vary your questions depending on level.

4. Explain what activities/excursions you can offer your student during their stay and what each will cost (if anything). Try to use leaflets and brochures.

5. Follow up: Agree on the activities/excursions for the course (your student may need a little time to decide what they would like to do). Future lessons could cover pub and cafe/restaurant situations.

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