Academic English for Young Learners

tutor-english-at-home-web-banner-young-learnerDepending on their age, some young learners may be planning to attend boarding school or college.

Apart from the need to work on their vocabulary and grammar and to socialise effectively, they will need to survive in the classroom or lecture hall. You can help them prepare by working on the skills they need. Possible activities are given in brackets.


  • essay writing (work on paragraphs, linking words, sentence length and logical development)
  • narratives (work on creativity and use of vocabulary/expressions)


  • reading quickly (use simple texts to build confidence)
  • reading for detail (use short more complicated texts)
  • reading for the general message (summarise short texts and gradually make more difficult)


  • note taking (give a short talk -1 min max)
  • predicting content (brainstorm vocabulary around different subjects)


  • giving and asking for opinions (start with less controversial subjects)
  • disagreeing (work on sensitivity and politeness)
  • suggesting (solutions to a problem)
  • expressing interest (using more than one sentence and using appropriate intonation)
  • asking for help (from teachers or other students)
  • giving a presentation (start with simple short ideas for your student to present. Spend time on preparation and pronunciation. Record if possible and invite your student to self correct)
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