British Council “nano-degrees” 2016


Dear Teacher!

Are you considering how and where to do some professional development this year? If not, why not? You are? That’s great! Please read on.

Try some short, accredited, online courses. They’re known by different names, sometimes nano-degrees and sometimes MOOCs (massive open online courses).  They…

  • are short courses usually run over no more than than six weeks
  • have a (conservative) time commitment of two or three hours each week
  • are completely FREE
  • include a certificate at the end
  • are usually accredited by UK universities or the British Council

Look at these websites:

British Council (uses the Futurelearn platform)

Future Learn (all courses)




Some examples

Exploring English: Magna Carta – 4th April, 3 weeks, 2h/week

Understanding Language – 4th April, 4 weeks, 3h/week

Exploring English: Language and Culture – 22nd Feb, 6 weeks, 2h/week

Professional practices for English language teaching – 25th Jan, 6 weeks, 2h/week

Exploring English: Shakespeare – starts 11th January, 6 weeks, 2h/week


Other courses in 2016:

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