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The British Council Seminars Team have announced their new series of CPD events! Click on the link below to find out more.

2014 was a very successful year for the Seminar Series. Last year they had an average customer satisfaction score of 86% and 84% of seminar participants reported that the learning they had taken away from the seminar was useful. Furthermore the British Council’s YouTube channel had 118,179 views from 195 countries.

The last seminar of 2014 taught us that continuing professional development can indeed change lives. (Click that previous link to see an hour-long presentation about the value of CPD.) This year they aim to bring you a range of inspiring live-streamed seminars on a variety of subjects, which will help you to achieve your English language teaching continuing professional development goals in 2015.

See, hear and meet some great EFL speakers like Gavin Dudeney, Michael Swan, Sam McCarty and many others.

Are you interested in sharing your practical or innovative English language teaching ideas with colleagues around the world? They have announced the call for proposals for the Seminar Series 2015 will open in February, more details to come soon!

Find inspiration to kick-start your CPD with the new British Council Seminar Series CPD materials, which focus on IELTS, grammar and mLearning. Don’t forget that they also have a bank of over 120 thought-provoking seminars which you can watch for free on EnglishAgenda.


Will you be going to an event soon?

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