Get TEFL-qualified to British Council standard

Who can teach EFL?

According to British Council accreditation guidelines…
… you may teach juniors (under 18s) if who you have a degree or equivalent and QTS/PGCE (Primary, or Secondary in English or MFL)
… you may teach adults and juniors if you have a degree or equivalent and a suitable TEFL certificate (the most common by far being the CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL).

The CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL is considered level 4 or level 5 in the National Qualifications Framework and is usually delivered as a 4-week full-time course or 12-14 weeks part-time.

What makes a suitable TEFL certificate?

A suitable TEFL certificate will:

  • be externally validated and accredited by a reputable examination body (usually a university or examination board like Cambridge or Trinity)
  • contain at least six hours’ supervised teaching practice (i.e. teaching practice where a qualified and standardised assessor observes the trainee teacher teaching real students and gives feedback on his or her performance)
  • contain at least 100 hours of ELT/TESOL input.

Online TEFL courses usually don’t meet these criteria, although they are usually still very interesting introductions to the practice and business of English language teaching.

Aren’t all TEFL courses the same?

There are many TEFL courses, many TEFL providers around the country, and the acronyms can be confusing… but beware because they are not all equivalent! In fact, anyone can offer TEFL training accredited simply by themselves. Such so-called ‘qualifications’ may be interesting but are not suitable.

When looking at courses, check the following:

  1. ask how the course is accredited – i.e. by a university or a national accrediting body like Cambridge Exams, Trinity College, British Council or Ofqual.
  2. find out its level in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) – it should be at least level 4.
  3. check the number of hours of observed teaching practice – there must be at least 6.
  4. check the number of hours of EFL/TESOL input – there must be at least 100.

The right thing and good fun too!

The CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL are the most recognised and most appropriate qualifications for British Council accredited organisations (such as us) and just about every person who has done the course, at any age, says it is a memorable experience.

Trinity Cert TESOL – discount for Homelingua teachers

Our partner company, Oxford International Education Group, has a training department and offers the Trinity Cert TESOL in London and Brighton. We have negotiated special rates with them for teachers who will work with Bucksmore Homelingua. If one of those locations is suitable for you, please get in touch with us (0208 312 8075) and find out more about the discount and how you could become suitably qualified.

The find out if you are eligible for the discount, please phone us on 020 8312 8075.


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