Getting out of the ‘classroom’

Almost anything can be made into a useful, stimulating English lesson or just be enjoyed for its own sake.

These are some of the things our teachers have done with their students:

  • Visits to castles, gardens and churches
  • Walks in the countryside, country parks and along canals and rivers
  • Cooking, fruit picking, visits to farmers’ markets
  • BBQ’s, bicycle riding, butterfly farm
  • Tourist centre, antiques shops
  • Art galleries, museums, local library
  • Donkey santuary
  • Afternoon tea, spa
  • Golf, tennis, sports and fitness centre
  • Board games, DVD’s

Do you do other things? Let us know!

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2 Responses to Getting out of the ‘classroom’


  1. Michael-S says:

    A big hit with male students (or ladies who like cars!) in and around Surrey is Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, with the Brooklands Motor Museum next door.


  3. Lynne-B says:

    City Farm, Tree-planting in local conservation park, bat-watching/talk, Community Council debate on spending cuts, Campaign for an Older Poeple’s Parliament presentation, guessing-game: “Who lives here?”(J K Rowling).

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