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Where you have a student going on to another teacher, it’s really useful if you can provide the next teacher with as much information as possible about the student and what you have covered during lessons. Likewise, if you have a student coming to you from another teacher, we’d expect the teacher to prepares some handover notes for you.

To help you prepare the notes, we have created a pro-forma document. Click on the link to download the word document.

Teacher Handover notes

Please can you download, complete and send the document to Homelingua at least 4 days before the end of the course so that we can send them onto the next teacher?

Most teachers like to have a quick chat with the other teacher(s) involved so Homelingua will normally provide their telephone numbers. Please let us know if you would rather we didn’t pass on your phone details.

Alternatively, these are the details that will help the next teacher, you could copy these titles to an email and write your notes on an email to us.

  • Current speaking level:
  • Current level of other skills:
  •  Student’s learning objectives
  •  Student’s learning style
  •  Brief content of your lessons
  •  Materials used
  • Skills progress (where applicable)
  •  Recommendations for future lessons
  •  Brief list of activities and visits (where applicable)
  •  Any significant pastoral issues (where applicable)

This is an example of some good handover notes. These are quite long and comprehensive, your own might be much more brief if necessary:

Example Handover Notes for a 4-week (80hr) Teaching Period

Student: Abdullah
Age: 23
Dates: 11th Mar – 8th April
Current speaking level: Intermediate (B1)
Level of other skills, where applicable: Writing A2-B1, Listening B1-B2, Reading B1

Student’s Learning Objectives

Abdullah’s single goal is to achieve a level of IELTS (score of 7) which will gain him entry into a British university to do an MBA.

Learning Style

Abdullah finds rules most helpful in learning grammar and usage. To help him put these rules into practice, speaking, recording & playing back have worked well for him in the lessons. He is happy to be asked to repeat/rephrase at any time as this has been the most effective way to link the formal learning with actual practice.

Abdullah has not had experience of independent learning and finds it most helpful if he is given clear guidance about requirements. Abdullah is very competent in using technology and I have encouraged him to access the IELTS site and research information.

Content of your Lessons

My primary role in the first 4 weeks has been to focus on basic grammar and vocabulary with daily speaking practice to help Abdullah put what he is learning into practice. I have encouraged him to self-correct, to speak more slowly and think about how to express himself with appropriate grammar and a wider range of vocabulary. I have also taught practical study skills such as using notes, mind maps, dictionaries and have provided grammar reference books for self study.

He has needed to ‘unlearn’ a lot of well-established but incorrect patterns.

Vocabulary/Speaking/Grammar areas included:

  •  Agreeing/disagreeing
  • Giving opinions
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Education
  • Media and news
  • Technology
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Modal verbs

He needs much more experience presenting an argument, discussing an issue, weighing up evidence, interpreting data, and drawing conclusions.

In the last 2 weeks I have introduced exam topics and begun the process of teaching the skills of expressing opinions, developing an argument and thinking about the sort of social and political issues he may be asked to comment on in the speaking and writing sections of IELTS.

Homework also always includes a piece of written work, and he finds it helpful if I set the number of words and clarify the task.

Material Used:

  • Cutting Edge Students Books & Workbooks: selected sections from Intermediate (Modules 2,4,5,9,10,11,12), Elementary, Pre-Inter, Advanced (CD Rom only)
  • Top Tips for IELTS Academic text & CD Rom
  • Improve your IELTS Listening & Speaking
  • IELTS Vocabulary (Abdullah has this)
  • Murphy English Grammar in Use (El & Inter)
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

Skills Progress (where applicable)

 Speaking: Abdullah has made significant progress with accuracy and can often self-correct when reminded to use tenses other than the present. His pronunciation has improved and we have practised word and syllable stress which have really helped his fluency. He is able to use sentences with clauses and linking words, and his range of vocabulary has increased. He has begun to use the language of describing people and situations at a more sophisticated level. However he has significant work to do on all of these areas.

Writing: Spelling is a real strength for Abdullah and he makes few errors. His handwriting and letter formation are clear if he takes time to complete a piece of work. He has learned to use punctuation, correctly and understands the use of paragraphs. He is developing the use of linking words but needs to work on a wider variety and a range of sentence structures. However, both parts of the IELTS academic writing test are a real challenge for him.

Listening: As this was a stronger area, we have not spent much time on listening exercises. Initial testing with IELTS material showed that Abdullah can distinguish between speakers, and understand most key points. He needs to practise preparing for the topic – reading the questions and predicting the content – as he is aware that in the exam there is only one chance to hear the material.

Reading: Abdullah can understand intermediate level texts and has begun to practise matching paragraph headings to content and summarising information. He needs to work on carefully reading the question and understanding the task, as he tends to see key words and make incorrect assumptions about what is required. He also needs to increase his range of vocabulary, as a lack of understanding of key words in both the question and the text, can cause problems.

Recommendations for Future Lessons:

Developing basic academic skills will need to be a priority for the next period of Abdullah’s course together with learning the appropriate language. As achieving a good IELTS grade is Abdullah’s only goal, I recommend that the next phase of teaching is focussed on working through exam requirements for all 4 skill areas.

Activities and Visits

We visited local places of interest such as churches, a stately home and car museum. We also went to London to see the sights on one Saturday. We went fishing twice and played tennis every Thursday and enjoyed watching DVD’s in the evening.

Pastoral/Food Issues

Abdullah felt a little homesick in the first week but soon got used to staying with us. Requires halal food.

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