ISIS and Homelingua teacher inset day a great success

The teacher training and inset day run at ISIS Greenwich received great feedback from Homelingua attendees. Although most of the sessions were aimed at classroom teaching, Jess Waiton ran a session on one-to-one teaching which was very well received.

Here is a selection of feedback from teachers:


“It was useful both for meeting and being able to exchange views with other teachers…….I really had no idea what to expect when I turned up, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the seminars.”


“I returned from the training day at the Greenwich ISIS centre full of ideas that were both practical and immediately useful. I felt inspired by all the presenters and enjoyed their varied styles and interesting range of subject matter, the only problem then being which sessions to miss out. As well as being very knowledgeable, they were all very friendly and approachable with real and relevant experiences to share.

In between sessions it felt rather like being in a staff room which, as a home tutor, I sometimes miss and it was great to meet other Homelingua teachers to share ideas and experiences, since our situation is very different to being a class room teacher. Due to the seasonal nature of our industry, I felt the day gave me a great boost in time to prepare for this year’s busy period, helping to avoid getting into too much of a routine and have the confidence to try out some new ideas.”


“I enjoyed meeting the staff at Bucksmore – they all seem highly energetic, knowledgeable, approachable, fun and very friendly.”


“I am jolly pleased I made the effort to come up to London. The day completely put me into the right ‘headspace’ and inspired some new thoughts and ideas around the teaching, especially as ‘one to one’ is relatively new to me. So, thank you team. It was, also, helpful to meet other ‘homestay’ tutors who do have experience and I was able to share/iron-out some concerns and unknowns. ”


“We were also treated to a very nice sandwich lunch and there was a reception at the end of the day, so plenty of opportunity to talk to other teachers, including home tutors, and this was a very valuable part of the day. I would certainly attend another such day and did suggest doing something on ‘Adapting materials for home tuition’.”



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