Meet our teacher, Samantha

Kelvin, Homelingua Director, has been out and about recently doing the thing he likes most about running Homelingua, visiting teachers. Getting out of the office visiting teachers and students always reminds Kelvin what an amazing experience home tuition is.

On his trip down to the south coast he called in to meet Samantha and asked her some questions: why does she like being a home tuition teacher, what does she like to do with her students in Portsmouth and why does she think that home tuition is so effective. Here are the answers to the questions:

We are always looking for teachers to interview for the Homelingua website. If you would be interested in being filmed please get in touch by email,

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  1. Toni Brodie says:

    Fantastic Samantha.
    You explained the difference between a language school experience and a home tuition experience really well.

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