Spanish pronunciation interference

All mother tongues influence what learners find difficult in English. Here is a look at Spanish:

Pronunciation issues: Spanish has fewer vowels and diphthongs than English. This means Spanish speakers will often make the wrong English sound.

The following vowel sounds are often confused:

beat and bit
bat, but and Bart
bought and bottle
boule and bull
boat and bought

The following consonants often pose difficulties:

/p/, /t/ and /k/ at the start of words eg pit, tin and kin
/d/, /g/ and /b/ at the end of words eg did, dig and nib

As do the following sounds: help, jam, yet, pleasure and sometimes ship

Spanish does not have /z/ as in zoo         /b/ and /v/ are often confused

/w/ before a vowel can sound more like a /g/ or /gw/ so that ‘would or ‘wood’ can be pronounced like ‘good’ (or ‘gwud’)

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