Welcome to Homelingua’s Teachers’ Blog



Welcome to the Homelingua Teachers’ Blog.

This website is intended to support you in teaching and hosting your students.

You can see what subjects our training and tips website covers by choosing a category (on the right) or tag (on the left). The larger the blue tag word, the greater the number of posts about that topic. They are arranged alphabetically.

The newest posts are at the top of each page. Older posts on a topic are sometimes on previous pages (click on ‘next page’ at the bottom of each page to see them).

If this is the first blog-style website you have used, don’t worry because it is quite simple to find your way around.

This website is being updated all the time, so come back frequently to read the latest posts. You are very welcome to leave comments on any of the posts you read. Your comments will contribute to a sense of community in the 1-1 home tuition environment.

If you have any problems or suggestions about this site, please comment below.

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  1. Magaret-I says:

    Really great idea – thanks very much.


  3. Magaret-I says:

    WordPress Rocks 🙂 X

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