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Homelingua “staff room” – Webinar #5

Thank you to the teachers who came to the fifth Bucksmore Homelingua webinar on Friday 23rd October, gathering teachers together from Rochdale to Rochester! We discussed a range of potential issues relating to home tuition and settled on four for … Read More»

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Teaching higher-level young learners (over 20 suggestions)

Some young learners already have quite a good level of English (upper intermediate plus). They are sometimes very well travelled and often go to international schools where some subjects are taught in English. Here are over 20 suggestions about how to … Read More»

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Excursions and activities

It’s difficult to say precisely when an activity becomes an excursion or exactly how excursions or activities help develop a student’s English. However most teachers realise how important they are as part of an English course. Here I am looking at … Read More»

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