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Choosing a graded reader: afternoon ‘test’?

Graded readers can be an enjoyable way for learners to improve their English. Levels range from beginner to upper intermediate (B2). Oxford University Press provide a ‘test’ to help learners choose the right level. Of course what an appropriate level … Read More»

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Teaching false beginner and elementary students

How do you teach students with very limited English? Learning English can be very daunting for very low-level students. They often lack confidence and are not sure how to go about organising their learning. This means that teaching very low-level … Read More»

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Using simplified readers

Students not quite ready for Shakespeare? What are they? Graded readers are simplified novels or non-fiction books that come in a range of levels. They include classics, films, biographies, history, drama, romance, comedy and crime. They are specially designed for … Read More»

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