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Cambridge English Teacher – professional development

Cambridge English Teacher is a new resource for professional development from Cambridge University. You can register as a guest for free or sign up to be a full member. Click here to vist the site http://www.cambridgeenglishteacher.org/ As a guest you have access to … Read More»

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Essential books and ones to consider

Every teacher’s TEFL/ELT library will be a little different but having a range of resources will help give you the insight and flexibility to put together successful courses.   Essential and Additional Books (alternatives are, of course, fine) Most should … Read More»

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Teaching grammar: pause for thought

Do you agree? Read on … Like teachers, students have different levels of grammar awareness. Some students will have spent years learning the grammar of their mother tongue and will expect British people to be equally used to discussing or … Read More»

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Grammar activities

For many native English speakers it is possible to become highly qualified and educated but still not be able to describe English grammar. We know what sounds ‘right’, most of the time, but explaining why is another matter altogether. In some … Read More»

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