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Stimulating Prof Steven Pinker video on language

Steven Pinker

If you feel in need of a bit of mental stimulation, have a look at Steven Pinker’s video on language, linguistics and the brain. He covers splitting infinitives, double negatives, meaning and much more. Steven Pinker is a professor of … Read More»

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Who needs dictionaries? Watch a talk by Michael Rundell of Macmillan


Watch Michael Rundell’s talk Who needs dictionaries below. This recent talk for the British Council explores the future of dictionaries. You can also download the slides<title=”Teach English” target=”_blank”>. (You can download his slides at the bottom of the link page)

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Teaching higher-level young learners (over 20 suggestions)

Some young learners already have quite a good level of English (upper intermediate plus). They are sometimes very well travelled and often go to international schools where some subjects are taught in English. Here are over 20 suggestions about how to … Read More»

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Watch Adrian Underhill’s introduction to teaching pronunciation

If you haven’t seen Adrian Underhill before, this is a must-see. In a remarkably short time you can learn about the phonemic chart and where in the mouth English sounds are made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kAPHyHd7Lo&feature=related. The full video is 1 hour long (!).

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How to use authentic materials


Find out below about using video, newspapers etc when teaching English. What are they? Authentic materials include newspapers, magazines, brochures, radio news, TV programmes, novels, maps, advertisements, timetables, catalogues, menus, films and internet pages, internet video (eg YouTube) etc that … Read More»

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Using video from the Internet

Let the Internet spice up your lessons. Using video in teaching can bring a subject to life and provide a welcome change from using texts or still pictures. In general you should aim to use short clips of between 10 … Read More»

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