The Homelingua Code of Practice

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homelingua-square-logoHomelingua Code of Practice

The following is a summary of what you can expect from Homelingua, and what we expect from our teachers and students.

Our promise to the student:

“Our aim is to provide you with the very best home tuition experience. Your home tuition course will combine intensive language study with an experience of our culture, lifestyle and customs. Your teacher will provide you with comfortable home accommodation and a tailor-made language learning programme with total immersion in the language. There will be little or no opportunity to speak your own language during the course”.

Our promise to you:

We will

  • give you as much information as possible about the learning and pastoral needs of the client based on the information that we have received from the client or their representative
  • provide accurate information to the client about what they can expect from their course and communicate these expectations to you
  • provide help and advice on academic and pastoral aspects of the course
  • support you when necessary in sourcing suitable learning material
  • provide support or mediation in the case of any problems you may encounter with a student during the course
  • make all financial arrangements and pay you promptly according to our payment terms
  • tell you as quickly as possible if a client cancels their course and in the event of late cancellation to provide some remuneration to you when possible, according to our cancellation terms
  • endeavour to remove a client from your home as quickly as possible in the event of antisocial behaviour

What we expect from you:

  • We expect you to provide a comfortable, clean and welcoming home environment and a tailor-made language study programme to meet the needs and objectives of the client.

This will require:

  • analysing and defining the learning needs of the client
  • sourcing and using suitable learning material
  • provision of a clearly timetabled and executed course of study
  • provision of comfortable accommodation with private bedroom
  • all meals at home of sufficient quantity and quality
  • integrating the student when possible into other areas of your day-to-day routine to create a total immersion learning environment and an experience of our language, lifestyle and customs.

In addition:

  • We expect you to have access to a telephone, computer equipment, printer and facilities such as email to communicate with the Homelingua office.
  • We expect you to have teaching materials and reference books as recommended in our Teacher’s Manual.
  • We expect you to use the Internet for the sourcing and development of some of your material. You will need a printer to print off copies of material for yourself and for the student and should budget a small amount of the fee paid to you for this cost.
  • We expect you to contact Homelingua if you require any information about the course or your student.
  • We expect you to continuously seek to develop and improve your teaching skills and knowledge through self-learning and attending training courses when possible.
  • We expect you not to solicit any business directly from our clients and that you will refer the client back to Homelingua if they contact you directly for a follow-up course for themselves, colleagues or family. We cease to work with any teacher who solicits business directly from of our clients, their employers or family.
  • You will have no direct contact with our agents or student recruitment contacts except in the case of emergency

Course reports

We require you to return a Lesson Report (signed by yourself and the student) and complete an online Progress Report at the end of each course.

Managing complaints

It is inevitable that there will rare occasions where a student is not satisfied with their experience in their teacher’s home. The reasons can be complex and can be due to the expectations of the student, the accommodation or teaching issues or a combination of any. These situations need to be dealt with quickly, tactfully and fairly. You should understand that the student is a paying client and Homelingua must act on their behalf whilst they are in the UK. However, we promise you that we will deal with the situation in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

  • We expect the student to be courteous at all times and respect the fact that they are living in a private home.
  • We expect you to behave in a professional manner and respect the fact that the student is a paying guest and is in a vulnerable position being away from home. We also ask you to understand that Homelingua is bound by a code of conduct with the British Council and in some cases by travel law.
  • Except in exceptional circumstances Homelingua will pay you for all work that has been completed. Homelingua may defer payment until any dispute is resolved.
  • It is essential that you maintain accurate and signed lesson reports and returns these directly to Homelingua.
  • Homelingua may ask you to have no direct contact with the student after the student has left the home.
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  1. Alastair-M says:

    Seems relevant to code of conduct that by law – because we have paying guests- that we should have a valid Landlord Gas Safety Record. Do all tutors have one? I am in the process of getting mine , it doesn’t come free!

    best regards



  3. Philip-D says:

    Hi, I need to print some lesson report forms but can’t find them, would you be able to send me the link please

    Thank you

    Phil Denchfield

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